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Color: With Nails



How to prevent your cat from scratching furniture It is not a matter if you have this easy to install lightweight and compact Car Scratching Mat It will effectively distract the cats and protect your furniture Suitable for installation around sofasand cat trees to let the cats have fun


Versatile Usage You can wrap this pad around furniture legs or cat tree with Velcro or staple it on the corner of the sofa for cat s sleeping scratching playing and so on

Imported High Quality Soft Cloth This wearable scratching pad is made of premium sisal fabric super durable and anti scratch

Natural Thickened Knitting No loose stitching and no easy pilling The cat nails can put in or pull our easily without doing harm to the claws

White Fluffy Ball Cats can play with this cute ball while grinding their claws

Flexible Scratching Pad It can be rolled up vertically or horizontally easy to store and carry which is suitable to protect different table and sofa legs Moreover this non toxic pad is easy to clean


Product Name Cat Scratching Pad

Material Sisal Fabric

Pattern Optional Ordinary Nail Stapling On Armrest

Size 40 29cm

Weight 240g

Package List

1 X Cat Scratching Pad

Versatile Usage

Imported High Quality Soft Cloth

Natural Thickened Knitting

White Fluffy Ball

Flexible Scratching Pad

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