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Color: Brown
Size: 41.8x21.2x6.5cm



We know that cat is used to scratching any thing around by its sharp claws To minimize the loss it will bring it is a must have to buy a claw grinding plate for amusing cats Please attach importance to this Cool Wave style Harden Corrugated Paper Pet Cat Toy Cat Claw grinding Plate with Catnip Its wave shape makes this plate distinctive from ordinary one Modern craft ensures its high durability And its harden treatment based on premium material makes this board durable and harmless Once you buy this board you will gain additional catnip a sort of herbaceous plant which could make this board more attractive if it is stuffed Have a try


1 Wave shaped design cool and stylish look

2 A sort of practical and interesting pet toy

3 Premium corrugated paper makes this board safe and harmless

4 Modern craft ensure the high durability and stability of this board

5 With good air permeability comfortable to use

6 Special treatment makes this board helpful for grinding claws of pet cats

7 Attached with additional catnip for better feeding result

8 Stuff the board with given herbaceous plant it will become more attractive


1 Material Corrugated Paper

2 Color Leopard Print Pattern

3 Dimensions 16 45 x 8 35 x 2 56 41 8 x 21 2 x 6 5 cm L x W x H

4 Weight 10 37oz 294g

Package Includes

1 x Grinding Claw Plate

1 x Catnip

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