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Use this soft pet carrier shoulder bag to keep your little pet safe and comfortable while going for a walk High quality craftsmanship and mesh material make it so breathable that your pet will not feel stuffy in the bag Besides there is built in hook and Velcro closure help to guarantee your pet s safety The cozy shoulder strap can let you wear to the front to the back or to the side Suitable for various kinds of puppies and cats This pet shoulder bag is a good choice for outdoor activities Keep your pet by your side with comfort

Free your hands and enjoy the wonderful time with your lovely pet


1 Features durable PU Canvas and breathable mesh Durable and lightweight This pet shoulder bag provides a cool and comfortable place for your pet s staying

2 Adjustable drawstring Allow your pet easily obtaining fresh air and have enough space through adjusting the tightness

3 Strap buckle built in hook and Velcro closure ensure the safety during transport Hook can be attached to pet s collar

4 Wide shoulder strap With the soft padded strap you can make your shoulder feel comfortable while carrying your pet for a walk

5 Zippered opening for easy access You can carry your pet for walks hikes or other daily travels conveniently


Product Name Pet Carrier Shoulder Bag

Material Mesh Fabric PU Canvas

Available Colors Pink Blue Red Green Yellow

Size Small For Dog Within 4kg Large For Dog Within 9kg

Dimension S 35 20 8 5cm L 40 28 8 5cm

Weight S 250g L 350g

Package Including

1x Pet Carrier Shoulder Bag

Pet Puppy Carrier Sling Hands Free Shoulder Travel Bag S size Yellow

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