Square EPE Filled Chair Pad Cushion Natural for Home...



Natural eco-friendly material is your most suitable choice. Good rebound characteristics of the solid color cushion is perfect for people sitting for a long time. Special round hole design to bring you massage-like comfort.

EXTRA COMFORT AND SOFTNESS: Unlike regular seat chair pads that feel scratchy and produce static shocks. Our outdoor chair cushions use the latest ultra-soft corn velvet fabric that feel soft and delicate, along with warm breathable thick cloth.

MULTIPURPOSE: The comfortable soft chair pads are available in multiple color options to rightly match your room decoration. Great office chair cushions, rocking chair pads, patio chair pads, dining chair pads, lawn chair pads, camping chair pads, kitchen chair pads, or for any other chair or bench that could use more cushioning.

QUALITY LIFE: You can fully enjoy a high quality of sleeping while using this healthy, fashionable and high-grade seat cushions for a long term when out to travel, take a bus or in the office.

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